Leigh Hutchinson


Beyond the lens.

  • RepresentingBirmingham, UK
  • Stats35-25-38
  • Height179cm
  • BornAugust 4th
  • Fave SportBasketball and Badminton
  • Fave FoodChicken and Prawns
  • Fave ColourI love and see the beauty in all colours so I cant just love one.
  • Fave FilmI have too many that I LOVE and watch over and over but currently Wonder Woman.
  • Fave TV ShowSherlock and Lucifer
  • Coffee or Tea?Has to be the Great British Cuppa
  • Sweet or Savoury?Depends on how I feel...sometimes i'll have both at the same time!
  • Hair up or DownUp to keep a low profile, down to go to war ;)
  • Gym day or Spa Day?Gym; ive never been able to afford a spa day so guess its gym by default
  • Eyes or mouthDepends on how I feel...sometimes i'll have both at the same time!
  • Modelling or Acting?Modelling; I would love to be an actor and star in movies and films as a super hero or an alien or detective but I have never been good with words so the idea of learning a script is scary yet modelling its acting but in a silent movie its all about body language and expression used to tell a story.
  • Quote"The difference between dreams and reality is the actions you take."
Portrait Shot - Leigh Hutchinson - Miss Supranational UK 2017 Contestant

Mission Statement

Dreams dont write themselves

Leigh Hutchinson - White Dress - Miss Supranational UK 2017 - Mission Statement

This is Leigh's first time entering a major grand slam pageant like Miss Supranational and her eyes are on the prize. This from 'rags to riches' contestant wants to encourage individuals to never give up on their dreams especially when times are hard and they cant see an end to struggles or pressure.

Homeless at 18 she had to quickly learn to stand on her own two feet in the world and fend for herself on the journey to the model and actor she is today. Never giving up is her mentality and hard work her key to success.

Leigh found that as she went through school and her teens, she never had a role model to inspire or encourage even relate to and found herself alone.

“Its hard growing up and never having someone to talk to without being told youre an idiot, weirdo or freak and I just wanted some one I could connect with, someone to open up to and not feel alone and isolated. Modern role models I feel are people who have faced adversity, struggles in life and overcome the walls put in front of them like Robert Downey JR, Eminem and Linkin park. To be abandoned and thrown out like trash at 18 was hard and the lowest point in my life. I was broken inside and I had no idea how to get a place of my own, how to survive and feel safe - but I worked hard and I got to where I am today always aiming to keep reaching forward and climb higher to achieve my dream and inspire others to do the same.”

Leigh hopes her athletic figure and curves will help her in the UK finals and she has been training for two years with Personal Trainer to the stars - Anteo Avolio to loose over 4 and a half stone to be runway ready for the show on the 28th September 2017. She loves Sports and getting involved in team activities and events where she can put her skills to the test and hopes her big smile and real natural curls will most definitely help her stand out in the crowd.

“There are youths, teens and even Adults out there alone and alienated in the world asking why and looking for someone they can relate to and connect with. All I wanted when I was at my lowest was some one to talk to and give me a hug. I want to be an ambassador and person out there that stands up and says you’re not alone and im here to listen and hope if I can win the UK finals I can fulfill another dream and use Miss Supranational as a platform and beacon to encourage others not just in England but around the world … x”